We will be covering a broad range of topics...

To bLoW yOuR MiNd

We are the...

answer to an unasked question; In the quest of balancing fun and service, just how far can we go?

We know some stuff

but our guests know more. Let's learn together and explore the sandbox that is reality.

Rumor has it most people will stop reading by now

So here's some total nonsense presented as something official







Follow Through

Team of Experts

These team of experst all agree they've never heard of our podcast before. None of these people are our team members though, honestly we have no clue who they are.

Marie Jordan

"This podcast is fucking lit!"
-No One Yet

Ann Brown

"This changed my life forever"
-Someone at their child's birth right now

Captain Ray Machowski

"I listen to 'Amateur Reality Hackers' every morning when I wake up. It sucks and I hate it. And I hate you."
-Rob Loggia

Jason Stawer

"In another life this podcast saved me from cancer."
-The Ghost of Christmas Past

Lisa Green

"After seeing this I crapped blood for a week. Don't tune in unless you have guts of steal"
-John Smitherton


Hack McChronic

I was sitting there reading a piece on Jury Nullifcation and updating myself on the situation with John Mcafee's remains and spain, when suddenly I got a mental projection of the first ARH podcast coming out on 11/11/22. It was so good my soul intsntaly transformed into the state of an astral being. As my ego melted away and my pride become secondary to love, I finally understood the beauty in the chaos surrounding me. Thank you ARH for feeding steroids to my third eye.

Go be a good person you silly son of a bitch.

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